Storm Damaged Roof Replacement

Storm Damaged Roof Replacement for Every Need

Dealing With the Aftermath

Storm damage can be fatal. Your home and your roof can experience significant trauma and damage, some of which can be hard to identify at times. When you are in need of serious help for serious damages, look no further than Home Genius Exteriors. We are a reliable roofing company in your area offering installation, repair, and replacement services to those that need it. When you need trusted roofing options, we are the best team to rely on. Our contractors are skilled, educated, and experienced with just about any and everything roofing. Dial 1-855-963-4663 today to connect with us about a storm-damaged roof replacement in Philadelphia, PA.

Storm Damaged Roof Replacement and Repair Services

When you need reliable roof repairs, you don’t have to look any further than Home Genius Exteriors. The best part? We can also help with replacement services as well! Unfortunately, there are storm situations that can result in seriously extensive damage. A type of damage that can’t easily be fixed with repair or maintenance services. That’s why you would rely on us. Not only can we repair your roof, but we can replace the structure after any amount of storm damage.

You can rely on our contractors to complete a roof replacement when you need it. Whether your roof has recently been damaged by a storm or you are just now noticing the damage, you can contact us. We will come through to complete a thorough inspection followed up by a comprehensive replacement service. We do also provide insurance claim help for situations such as this.

Why should you rely on us? Because we are a trusted and reputable roofing company in your area. Home Genius Exteriors has been around for several years. In fact, we are a combination of two very well-known and very well established companies. Between our knowledge and experience, we know that we are the team you need for all of your roofing services.

Types of Storm Damage

There are several ways that your roof can be damaged during a storm. In many instances, it can actually be very difficult to identify the damage. For example, wind damage. When there are high winds, shingles that are incorrectly installed can be bent, pulled up, and folded. If that happens, the underlayers of your roof, which generally aren’t waterproof, are more likely to be exposed and damaged by the elements. You can experience

  • Wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Snow damming
  • Water leaks
  • And more

Storm damage is a real issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. For reliable repair and replacement services, trust Home Genius Exteriors. 

Storm Damaged Roof Replacement Needed After Hail Storm

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