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Your home is an investment, and the longer you own that property, the more you need to protect that investment. There are going to be planned improvement projects as well as a few unplanned and sudden projects. Don’t feel like you have to tackle any home improvement project on your own! Rely on Home Genius Exteriors if you need construction services in Philadelphia, PA. We are a reliable construction and home improvement company based out of Philadelphia. Let us show you how we offer A Different Experience. Connect with us at 1-855-963-4663 for more of our services here and in our other service areas.

Home Improvements in Philadelphia, PA

When you need home improvement, there are a few options. You could do it yourself, but then you run the risk of things not looking professional. Rather than take your chances with DIY or with a company with a poor track record, why not trust Home Genius Exteriors? We are a reputable construction company based right here out of Philadelphia. We offer a variety of services that homeowners can utilize when they need home improvements. From roof repairs and replacement windows to siding, painting, and carpentry, we can help you protect your home.

Why should you rely on us? Homeowners can trust Home Genius Exteriors because of our management team’s experience over the last two decades in both residential and commercial projects. Thanks to our background and our experience, we know we will provide customer service and value that will allow us to become your Contractor For Life.

It is our goal to be your one-stop-shop for all things home improvement. We take pride in our dedication to quality service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; if you aren’t satisfied with our work, then we aren’t either. We will do everything we can to ensure you have an experience that will make you want to refer us to your friends and family. To do this, we work with only the highest-quality materials for roofing, painting, and other services. We also work with only the best install teams. In doing so, we are able to guarantee a truly unbeatable result.

What We Can Do For You

Over the years, we have come to understand which services homeowners need and which ones they don’t. We have essential knowledge of the way homeowners want to be treated and how they want their repairs handled. We have perfected both our customer service and our construction services over the years, and we believe that we are second to none in this industry. Take a look at the services our company can offer you today!

  • Roofing Services For quality roof repairs or replacement services, dial our number.
  • Painting Services We offer professional painting and exterior updating services.
  • Siding Let our contractors replace damaged siding to give your home a fresh, updated look.
  • Window Replacement Update your home with newer, more efficient windows.
  • Carpentry Work When carpentry services are required to keep a project moving along, rely on our team.
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The Experts You Can Trust

There is often some skepticism surrounding experts. Some may have a hidden agenda or a plan to sell on things you don’t need. With Home Genius Exteriors, you can trust that we are only going to discuss relevant solutions to your needs. It is our goal to be the only home improvement and construction company you turn to for all of your future projects. 

We are a licensed and certified construction company. Everyone on our staff is qualified to complete roof repairs, siding installation, deck rebuilds, and more. Whatever you need, we can more than likely address it. And if we can’t, we’re happy to refer someone who can. Get started with us today. Let’s schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to come out and inspect your property. We’ll provide a comprehensive and detailed report of our findings as well as our suggested solutions. We want to help you have the best home possible. Let us show you that we are the only home improvement team you’ll need.

Completed Construction on Philadelphia, PA Property

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Ready to get started on your next big home improvement project? For construction services in Philadelphia, PA, look no further than Home Genius Exteriors. We can help with just about every need you may have. Call us at 1-855-963-4663 to get started.